‘Kolaveri Di’ goes viral at IIMs

Song Spawns Slew Of Projects, Sessions, Surveys At B-Schools

Chitra Unnithan | TNN 

Ahmedabad: The soup song has become an anthem for the future managers of the country. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are treating the popular song Kolaveri Di from an upcoming Tamil film ‘3’ as a classic example of viral marketing.

IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A), for instance, plans to dedicate a session to Kolaveri Di as part of its course on Contemporary Film Industry: a business perspective. Bharathan Kandaswamy, faculty and co-ordinator of the course, says, “I will discuss Kolaveri Di as part of a session on social media and online tools when my class starts in December. Kolaveri Di is a perfect case of viral marketing, which has created a huge difference in the world of publicity.”

Why this Kolaveri Di, which means ‘Why this rage towards me, girl’ has actually become a rage across IIMs with faculty of marketing playing the song during class. Professors of IIMs—Bangalore, Rohtak and Lucknow—have played the song in class and later discussed its strategy. The institutes have also made videos of the entire class singing to Kolaveri Di and posted them on networking sites.

“Kolaveri has been screened in many classes in IIM Bangalore. The professor sits along with the students and enjoys…Real Rage,” posted Ramya, a student at IIM Bangalore on a social networking site.

Rajeev Kumra, faculty of marketing, at IIM Lucknow, says, “Companies have to be serious about viral marketing now, which is an upcoming area in marketing. We were discussing in class how the beautiful strategy used by Kolaveri Di can be used by company to leverage their marketing activities. The video of Kolaveri Di is watched with rapt attention and got transmitted like virus.” Sajal Kumar, a first year post-graduate programme student at IIM Kozhikode, has done a case study on the song, calling it Project Kolaveri. The student also sent out an online survey, analysing the marketing success of the song.

[Source: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/getFiles.asp?Style=OliveXLib:LowLevelEntityToPrint_TOINEW&Type=text/html&Locale=english-skin-custom&Path=TOIA/2011/12/03&ID=Ar00101]

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