Google+ Search Goes Real Time & Gains Hashtag Support

Oct 12, 2011 at 4:09pm ET by 

Google has announced that its still relatively new Google+ Search feature now will update its results in real time plus has new support for hashtags.

Alerts For New Results

When doing a search, if there are new results that have happened after you initially did your search, you’ll see a message alerting you to the new information:

In the screenshot above, you can see the “1 more recent post” link. Select that, if it shows, and your search results will be updated. The exact number of posts will vary by search and activity, of course.

If you’re searching in “Most Recent” mode, then the results will automatically update

Hashtags Gain More Search Support

As for hashtags, if you add these to a post, the hashtag should turn into a link when it appears in search results:

Clicking on that link will run a search for that hashtag:

Neither of these features is working for me yet, but Google says they’re rolling out for everyone in the near future. So if you don’t see them yourself, hang in there.

Here’s a short video of the features from Google:


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