10 Brilliant Interactive Billboards [VIDEOS]

22/8/2011 by 

Advertising billboards are just part of the background of modern, urban living. The challenge for marketers is to get us to notice something we are used to passing by without a second glance.

One way to achieve this is by making a billboard interactive, giving consumers a good reason to stop and engage with the medium, rather than just walk on past.

We’ve found 10 excellent examples of interactive advertising. Take a look through the video gallery and let us know in the comments which ones you find the most engaging.

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1. Big in Japan Interactive Billboard

A promotion for a reality TV show gives passers-by a taste of fame.

2. JCDecaux Innovate for Cadbury

What better way to kill time at the bus stop than splatting some chocolate eggs?

3. Honda Interactive Billboard

As well as the ability to “start” the car by texting to an SMS shortcode, this Honda ad also offered more info via Bluetooth.

4. McDonald’s Interactive Billboard

By making its billboard a game and giving consumers free food, McDonald’s guarantees engagement.

5. JCDecaux Innovate for Yell

This outdoor touchscreen ad offers consumers useful local info.

6. Live Interactive Billboard

This high-impact concept confronts the public with their inactivity in the face of a green-screened scene of aggression toward public service workers.

7. Xerox – Airport Interactive Billboard

Airport travellers are a captive audience. Xerox made the most of this fact with an enticing touchscreen tease.

8. JCDecaux Innovate for Skunk Anansie

Passers-by were encouraged to do their best Skunk Anansie impression in this clever campaign. While the loudest could enter a draw to win free tickets, everyone who had a go got sent their performance as a video clip to their mobile phones.

9. IBM Ad Changes Color To Match Your Outfit

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then this IBM billboard, which changed color to match your clothes, was a clever stunt.

10. Google Video Outdoor Campaign

Google gives tourists a great photo opportunity with this outdoor campaign.

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